Activities to do while in Naivasha among others


  1. Boat Riding in Lake Naivasha – Lake Naivasha is part of the Great Riftvalley, the lake is a host to hippos and other carnivores
  2. Cresent Island – Referred to as the Naivasha’s best kept secret. Cresent Island is a host to waterbucks, zebras, giraffes and impalas.  For bird watchers lovers this is your destination.
  3. Okaria geothermal spa – Largest heated swimming pool by natural volcanic activities.
  4. Hells Gate – has spectacular scenary, ideal for a day trip, visitors can enjoy mountain biking and rock climbing
  5. Crater Lake – is part of the 3 Rift Valley lakes in Naivasha. Ideal for biking, safari walks, team building and family gatherings. It is home to a variety of wild animals.

Cresent Island

Eseriani Resort

Crater Lake

Chui Lodge

Simba Lodge

Hell's gate

Olkaria geothermal spa